Système binaire d’unités

An unit system based on binary multipliers and parameters of the universe

Revision I – created on 1st October 2017

The creation of the SBI system has no serious aim. It is a result of a long spare time mental  entertainment. SBI can be used by programmers for fun (yes, it is binary!) or studied together with the SI system in comparative way (to enhance the understanding and knowledge about the physical relationships). Last, but not least, it is a good candidate to an official system of a science-fiction book or movie. However, it is restricted to our universe and will be quite meaningless if the physical constants are different in a parallel spacetime. In short, it can be treated as an alternative to the International System of Units (SI – Systeme international d’unites), but it is not intended to be another natural unit system, but rather funny binary alternative to SI.

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