My open source recommendations

Software developed by me

  • I have created GNUTypewriter font.
  • In my spare time I develop CWStudio.
  • If you want to cross-compile software for 32-bit DOS under Debian or Ubuntu, please try my DEB DJGPP packages of DJGPP compiler.
  • GNU R packages
    • outliers – main tests for outliers used in chemical analysis, with own method of p-value approximation of Dixon test. If you use this package please cite: [2006, article | www | pdf] Komsta, L. (2006). Processing data for outliers. R News, 6(2), 10-13.
    • moonsun – Basic astronomical routines, inspired by Smith’s “Practical Astronomy with your calculator”.
    • financial – Basic financial routines (cash flow, time value of money etc.) inspired by HP financial calculators.
    • moments – Moments, cumulants, skewness, kurtosis and related tests (written with Prof. Frederick Novometsky)
    • mblm – Median-based linear models (Theil-Sen).
    • quantchem – Quantitative chemical analysis: calibration and evaluation of results
    • dtt – Discrete Trigonometric Transforms
  • GNU Octave packages
    • outliers – a port of R package for Octave

LIAP – Linux in a Pillbox

LIAP was maintained around 2000 as minilinux based on 1772 KB floppies and it is released under GPL license. The development was abandoned around 2002. Each floppy (1772 KB format) can be a kernel pill or a filesystem pill. Booting has to be done with a kernel pill, then user is prompted to insert a filesystem pill. Available kernel pills:

  1. Lecithin (rescue kernel, filesystems: UMSDOS, VFAT, ISO 9660, Joliet, Minix, Ext2, etc.; several partition types; SCSI with tape;  CDROM; many controllers)
  2. Vitamin (networking kernel: networking, PPP, ip firewalling, masquerading, tunnelling, IPX, SLIP, etc. 3c505, 3c509, 3c579, NE2000, PCI NE2000, etc.; token ring;
  3. Insulin (ham radio kernel was planned, but never released)

Available filesystem pills:

  1. Caffeine (rescue filesystem: swap and usr-in-a-file option, bash, Midnight Commander, Fdisk, e2fsck, mkfs, etc.; Zip, Arj, Rar, Zoo, Tar)
  2. Quinine (networking filesystem: Ethernet config with hwaddr memory and wvdial, swap and usr-in-a-file option, bash, telnet, ssh, ftp, nslookup, mtr, nmap, neped, queso, sniffit, micq, tinyirc)
  3. Morphine (web surfing filesystem: ethernet config with hwaddr memory and wvdial, swap and usr-in-a-file option, bash, telnet, ssh, ftp, nslookup, mtr, lynx, micq, tinyirc,
  4. Atropine (benchmark filesystem: nbench, cpuburn, memtest, badblocks)

Filesystem pills can be easily personalized. If you have 8MB and less memory, make C:\liapswap file. It should contain three fields separated by colon, for example _pocket_.swp:16:usr.swp:. First field  is swap file name, second is its size (if it does not exists it will be created with this size).  Third parameter (optional) says that /usr partition should be mounted as loop file, not in ramdisk. Each floppy has a writable minix area mountable by liapmount, liapumount scripts under /liap. If /liap/etc exists it overrides /etc, so you can easily make changes in configuration files.

Other pills: Polopyrin/HiFi (HiS Firewall) is a dedicated gateway, firewall and router for Ericsson Home Internet Solution. Hardware requirements to set up diskless router: any pentium (486 not recommended) mainboard, 8 MB RAM, one 3.5″ floppy, NE2000, 3COM or WD ethernet card. For client computer(s): network card working with used system, networking cable. Configuration: COM1 -you can connect null-modem cable to login into router shell (ssh, telnet, nslookup etc.); COM2 -connect HiS here; ethernet -connect internal network (one or 1000 computers) here. Preparing floppy: write your login and password into rc.config, set up masquerading modules you need by setting true/false variables. You can set true for everything but it is more insecure. Run install script. Internal workstation configuration: IP (except; mask is; default gateway; DNS is external IP of DNS used by you (in Poland TP SA DMS). The kernel configuration file gives you possibility to recompile due to your needs. Precompiled kernel has applied Silenzio patch. It makes your IP invisible (no ping, no scanning available, ip seems to be down).

Changes in 0.12: kernel upgrade to 2.2.18+stealth (not Silenzio); added VPN and IPSec masquerading with new variables in rc.config; compiled and added redir; added oident with three options in rc.config; added “persist” pppd option (renegotiating connection if it fails); removed bugs of ps, ssh, ping; added /root home directory and new user hifi with home /hifi; removed unusable mtr and ftp; increased inode number to 1024; added netstat and w.

Directories in archive

img    – floppy images (fdformat /dev/fd0u1722; dd if=imagefile of=/dev/fd0u1722)
tgz    – binary files, liap-0.14.tar.gz contains common files with scripts to build image
misc   – other files ( is DOS minilinux for polopyrin building)

DOWNLOAD liap-2015.01.7z

958b9f07bfc770f14fcb470f7cf882e4 *images/atropine-0.14a.img
84d10621001201389d17c72664ff386c *images/caffeine-0.1.img
18bf07e3c22df4e20fd28c6ca253799d *images/caffeine-0.12a.img
b10e6d3b5d011c19d35b5d90ad4976fc *images/caffeine-0.14a.img
e4a4f7272910266047873ed936b1de90 *images/lecithin-0.1.img
9c6ef41a2c7a89526c3d2f642563f4e2 *images/lecithin-0.12a.img
716135a1cf4e41c1328b225ba20fe438 *images/lecithin-0.14a.img
18f887fa442f75d57fe390351a5114ae *images/morphine-0.14a.img
022a8e7ecb83362ce732e8a985983f1b *images/polopyrin-0.12.dos-by-mike.img
5fe328e9d1cc6acc431e5491c46a002a *images/quinine-0.1.img
745069aff4b754760deaa53c7ccef5f8 *images/quinine-0.14.beta.img
9ca5a28c9580271fb59f264e7032feef *images/quinine-0.14b.img
4479f2eb2992b7f338e98891d83a43dc *images/quinine-pre-0.14.alpha.img
01b866ff3e74a31373c8b47eb417d176 *images/vitamin-0.14a.img

9e16331a3067268afddebda93d6671fe *tgz/atropine-0.14a.tar.gz
a49b587cf3d72371d027dccf59a02705 *tgz/caffeine-0.14a.tar.gz
33cacafab78f44d8e4c669de78c2ded6 *tgz/lecithin-0.14a.tar.gz
b8e43fe5fc78cea98833056ef78228f6 *tgz/liap-0.14.tar.gz
d3f4718e151a058105611210adef96e5 *tgz/morphine-0.14a.tar.gz
3c4fb8fa6f0d4913accf29f01a23a54a *tgz/polopyrin-0.1.tar.gz
b1b5bb2f4439fde85a75f47e36657f62 *tgz/polopyrin-0.12.tar.gz
0acf6fd35e98dc2306ac1651b4ae63a5 *tgz/quinine-0.14b.tar.gz
dc52bf65c73306c68e975011bcc5f812 *tgz/vitamin-0.14a.tar.gz

64dcc8ad81cf64765e99f765bab1a2dd *misc/
49317eb77e265c92e011401e1dd64b20 *misc/hwadr.c
cdb3b7206f83c8c056382accbb57c3a5 *misc/liap.png
5a90d3a4ca5c9d13e2a0176b46074318 *misc/liapmount
65a18facff58da64424d4ab1152472f7 *misc/