My amateur radio activity

  • I am licensed radio amateur (SP8QED) since 1994. My wife Kate call SP8MED. We have also a family club callsign SP8YED.
  • My station is located in Pulawy (KO01XJ). Abbreviation for SPPA Award is (L)PU.
  • I am active on 80 - 10m, 6m, 2m and 70cm. I use CW, phone and digital modes (PSK, RTTY, SSTV, HELL, MT63 etc.)
  • My QSLs are 100% sent via bureau (or direct after your request with SASE), sometimes with a delay, but please be patient.
  • I do not use any kind of eQSL, although I was active on eqsl.cc for testing purposes.
  • If you want to send me QSL direct, my address is also given on contact page and QRZ.com
  • I am member of PZK (Polish Amateur Radio Union), SP-CW-C (#207), SP-Contest-Club (#254), NoCode (NCI-2037), WWYC (#333) and IPHG (International Pharmacists Ham Radio Group). QSO with me is valid to IPHG award.
  • I am member of ham radio clubs: SP8YCB, SP9KGG/SP9PTG (in Zakopane, Tatras), SP8YCQ.